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Senin, 05 Juli 2010

YouTube 'hollow', Justin Bieber rumored to Death

Video sharing site YouTube was reported to have security holes. With the 'hole', the perpetrator was targeting the video belongs to a singer who was a budding teenager, Justin Bieber. He is rumored to be killed in an accident.
This event was not the first time cyber attack Evils singer song 'Baby' is. In Action perpetrator caused a pop-up window appears, when users access video Justin Bieber.

Fill pop-up that was a little 'scary' for fans Bieber. "BREAKING NEWS: Justin Bieber reportedly died in an accident this morning. NEWS learn more please visit the CNN website," writes the contents of the message in a pop-up.

A user from a site called 4chan, claimed responsibility for the attack video is Justin Bieber. He also wrote a warning on its website. "Today would be a warning, that we can 'shake' Internet giants," wrote 4chan.

After the incident, Google immediately take action to fix holes on YouTube. "We are improving cross-site scripting vulnerability (XSS) on in a few hours ago. Any comments will not appear within a few hours, until we fix the security hole in two hours ahead. We will continue to study this vulnerability, for avoid similar cases, "wrote Google in its message.

Lady Gaga most famous on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is not only a competition to make friends in cyberspace, but also to measure the level of fame person. And Lady Gaga, the chanter 'Poker Face', has just set a record as the most famous people throughout the virtual universe.

British pop singer fame that has broken the record for people who are still alive and has 10 million fans on Facebook. The popularity of the singer 'Paparazzi' in the world's largest social networking site and it even beat the U.S. President, Barack Obama (9.5 million fans).

Lady Gaga fame rose rapidly on Facebook. In fact, a few months ago his popularity still behind a number of famous names such as Megan Fox, Vin Diesel, let alone Obama. Now, there's only one name that still more famous than the Gaga. He is Michael Jackson (14.1 million fans). But Jacko's gone. Gaga also actually still less popular when compared to the number of fans from Texas Hold'em Poker (20 million fans), The Family Guy (10.1 million fans), Mafia Wars (12.7 million), and Facebook itself (10.7 million ). But the names were not the people.

As quoted by Skynews, Gaga has 140 thousand new fans every day when seen from the addition of 1.9 million fans on Facebook since June, last month. But unfortunately, the eccentric singer was still less popular on Twitter. The number of followers Gaga (4.72 million follower) is still less than Britney Spears (5.24 million follower).

Nevertheless, followers on Twitter Gaga still more than Obama (4.42 million follower). Gestures' singer 'Just Dance' was also more attracted millions of YouTube viewers than other celebrities.

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