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Rabu, 02 November 2011

One Stop Licensing: Making Money With Music Licensing

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making big break can be very tough in the music industry, especially for independent artists. And the download music online, buy the album already becomes tradition is dying. It is almost impossible to make a decent living as a musician, if you have not signed the big publishing house, or if you do not have consistently high-paying gigs. If you're struggling indie artist, you should consider licensing the music. And what better way to license your work, rather than on music search sites that provide a one stop licensing.

Music Licensing refers to the legally authorized use of copyrighted music. It is basically selling the rights to use music, not the music itself. In other words, you still own a piece of music, just give permission to broadcast or distribute, synchronize, perform, or make a decision. You do not have to worry about the abuse or misuse of musical material,. License that the company will depend on the desired or allowed restrictions on their right to use the

The original music is widely used for commercials, films, television programs, multimedia productions, and video games. Customers copyrighted music, usually from advertising agencies, production companies and game companies. Some customers may provide an alternative benefit, instead of money, such as the back-end of copyright. In any case, it can provide a good deal until both sides are satisfied with the license agreement.

music licensing companies serve as a middle man between the artist and media clients. They provide customers with the music they are looking for through online music search, and in return, they help artists get a good break from these potential leads. These online companies provide a simple licensing process for both sides, one stop licensing for music making and one stop approval for manufacturing clients


Most of these offer a pre-clear music for clients. This refers to the value of music that has already been agreed in advance, as well as distribution and legal use. There are many companies licensing online and you can even decide on a non-exclusive permission to his musical work for someone else.

One of the main advantages of indie artists can profit from licensing their music is that many media producers rather, indie music from the popular ones. This is because the popular songs of popular artists are very expensive, and of course, not all of these companies can afford to spend millions just for the musical score. Another reason is that some of these companies are looking for something fresh and unique that is associated with their brand / product or movie, as opposed to popular music that usually end up being over-played.

Not only is music licensing is a good strategy to make money as an indie artist, it's also great exposure for you in your musical career. Furthermore, you are in control of the rights you give away, and you can choose as many companies licensing music as you want.

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